Now you want me to vote

Now four years are about to come to an end A new leader will soon be declared  This is the time you know we matter as your lies are being peppered The only time in 4years you come down from Mount Olympus like you ever cared. You  promise us this and that Blocking every street […]

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Desperate Money

I can’t suffer! I must be rich! is the motto of the day  But do you think the way your father made it was in a day? Money doesn’t grow on the tree just like they say Only if you know the price your father had to pay  I don’t blame you though Everyone on […]

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Good show 2018!!!

This year was one hell of a ride Issues upon issues that could lessen your pride Even when you want to let matters slide Reality keeps it stuck in your mind It’s like every aspect of life was with a rifle that kept on shooting Not just at me but everyone ’cause we kept on […]

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Marital suicide

For better for worse Those words to me now are like thorns Who knew this was the fate of us? What was a blessing had turned out to be a curse For better for worse In the beginning you were all over me Now you’re tired and over me You come back home late, You […]

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The Christmas season

This jolly season is here again, This season where everyone is gay, A season with lot of foods on our plate, This merry day that brings together people of different faith. The most anticipated season of the year At long last it is finally here Some celebrate with prayers and some with beer But if […]

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