Personal Poverty

I’ve been thinking for a couple of days now The kinda work ill have to do To increase my pocket size anyway …anyhow It’s said that everyone has their time But it seems riches is a necessity with a long queue, For the few that get it, I guess their names have been written in a log book So they shunt the line It’s utterly … Continue reading Personal Poverty


I move with a jolly heart With the footsteps of a purring cat My arms stretched out like a Muslims’ prayer mat For the joy that surrounds the environment, I’m already at, Engulfs my soul and set my mind on the positive But before I was here I’ve had an encounter with those I’ll describe as primitive Always ready to change a man’s mind negative … Continue reading GOOD VIBE


I’ve been thinking and today I decided to write on SELFLOVE. To be honest, this should be the basis of every institution in the world even before religion. It plays a major role in individual life and also society. What’s is the meaning of SELFLOVE? It is the value a person attributes to him/herself despite the inference of external factors. SELFLOVE is when you have … Continue reading SELFLOVE

The true Valentine

So, folks, today is Valentine’s Day and I want to use this medium to wish everyone HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. Please, today is not only about showing love to your partner in a relationship or in bed but also everybody around you. I’ll go straight to the point here because I’m still going to continue “THE ELECTION DAY SERIES”.  Basically, Showing love doesn’t mean you must … Continue reading The true Valentine

The Election Day series: Vote wisely!

In less than four days, the Nigerian presidential election will take place. One of the most anticipated event, mostly in this part of the world where after a president has done poorly (as usual), we can’t wait to elect a new one to perform better. It is more like a trial and error mechanism. So I’ll be doing a series from now till the day … Continue reading The Election Day series: Vote wisely!